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The Differences between Garage Door Motors

11/26/2013 Back To Blog

The motor of garage door openers would determine the power and noise level with which the system would work. It is essential to discover the main differences among the three basic types before we explore the new systems and their capacity to provide excellent security and enhanced protection to people.

  • Belt drive motor – It is the most expensive type because it will provide silent operation thanks to its rubber belt.
  • Chain drive motor – It is the cheapest one due to its noisy operation but it is completely reliable.
  • Screw drive motor – It stands right in between the other two types since it has a reasonable price and although it is not silent, it is not extremely loud either. It contains fewer parts and doesn't require too much maintenance.

Importance of garage door motor horsepower

All three types come in different horsepower ranging from ½ to 1 hp. It would definitely depend on the size and, thus, weight of the door and whether you want a stronger, quicker system. Garage door motors are actually the soul of each opener and their condition would determine the safe, electric operation of the door. Safety will also be ensured by supplemented features apart from the reverse mechanism, which is obligatory since 1993. Openers are made by Liftmaster or Genie and regardless of their motor, integrate backup battery systems and new technologies, which allow homeowners to operate the door from a distance through computers and smartphones. New motors consume up to 75% less energy when they are in a standby position and have light sensors, so that you won't have to walk in a dark garage.

Of course, all types of motors would work with excellent remote controls or keyless pads and have a timer to close in case you forget to do it yourself. Safety features can come with any motor or wall opener. Wall mount openers would be perfect for garages with limited ceiling space or oversized doors. They have the same capacities with the other types of openers and provide equal safety and excellent operation. The truth is that openers and the capacities of their motors develop incredibly fast and have become the center of attention for most manufacturers since their power and extra features guarantee safe and quick access. Safety is guaranteed by the combination of the right sensors, the proper garage opener remote and the appropriate horsepower of the motors. Today, motors can lift the heaviest garage doors made of wood, carriage doors, commercial or oversized ones.

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