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Easy to understand answers on questions regarding garage door maintenance are found below.

Which is the right garage door opener for me?

There are many different brands and types and choosing one can be a difficult task. Belt driven models are preferred owing to their reliability and zero noise. The living space above the garage will give you an idea on the type of opener that is right for you. Chain drive openers tend to be noisy while screw drive openers are quiet initially but tend to make a lot of noise if they are not maintained well.

How are insulated doors advantageous?

Insulation door come highly recommended by garage door repair experts. They are highly durable with the insulation acting as a barrier to dents, which can be caused even due to minor accidents. Owing to temperature variations in the Westwind Houston area, insulated garage doors are highly energy efficient and can help you save on utility bills.

Which garage doors to choose for hurricane prone regions?

You certainly need very strong and highly resistant garage doors. It's best to get doors made of steel with braces and if you decide to install windows, choose impact resistant safety glass. Make sure the garage door opener is also resistant, fast and powerful because you must ensure that the system can protect you.

Why do garage doors go off track?

The most common cause of this problem is a broken cable. When this happens, the door loses some of its balance and may hang on one side. In case the imbalance is greater, the unit may go off track. You must refrain from operating and even touching your door in this situation. Disconnect the opener and get help right away.

Garage Door Repair Westwind Houston
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