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Garage Door Springs

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The garage door springs and cables are parts that commonly need replacement. The springs are under extreme tension and therefore should not be handled by unskilled individuals. These are complex garage door components that require experienced technical knowledge. We at “Garage Door Repair Westwind Houston” offer repair and replacement of different types of springs. Our trained technicians adeptly assist you manage these parts of your door, keeping it safe for you and your loved ones.

We Service Different Types of Springs

Garage Door SpringsThere are three commonly used overhead door springs. The torsion, extension and spring lift. Torsion springs are strong and are designed to last for up to seven years with average use. Spring lift cables and extension springs are the types that require more frequent replacement. Our company offers extension springs repair aside from replacement. The torsion spring consists of one or more tightly wound springs on a metal shaft with cable drums at the ends. The apparatus is mounted on the wall above the door. The springs consist of wires with stationary cones at an end plus a winding cone in opposite end. The counterbalance of an extension spring is made up of stretched springs moving parallel to the tracks. When the door is lifted, springs contract and lift the door as tension is released.

There are two other options, nowadays, include the galvanized and oil-tempered garage door springs. The latter is a more recent alternative to traditional oil tempered springs. Development of electro-coated tempered springs has brought more choices to consumers. Galvanized types solved the problem of oil residue to springs; however, they tend to weaken springs and maintenance costs may be higher. Regardless of the type of spring you are using, you can surely count on our technician to resolve any complication or related issues. Our repair and replacement services are based on highest quality standards. We take meticulous care in handling them ensure they are running smoothly before leaving your home.

There is no need to be bothered by garage door broken springs anymore. In us you have a genuine reliable partner to count on. Our capable technicians are fully equipped in terms of skills and tools, to provide you with the most efficient spring repair service. Do not attempt to replace the springs yourself especially if you do not understand its mechanisms and dangers. Entrusting such tasks to our technicians is not solely for safety reasons. A knowledgeable professional also knows the right kind of spring to install to your door. Contact our garage door repair company for any questions or concerns.

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