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Our experts have compiled effective garage door repair and maintenance tips you could use.

Make sure the door is well-adjusted

Garage door adjustment is very significant because if the door is not in place, it won't work or would not open evenly. That can happen due to damaged garage door tracks, which would prevent the proper movement of the rollers, loose cables and damaged extension springs. In any case, you could find the garage door off track and this is a very serious problem.

How to improve the appeal of garage doors

Obviously, garage door panel replacement would make a great difference but when it comes to the existing door, you should clean it well regularly. If you find rust, scrub it off to avoid problems. Older garage doors would look better with painting and there are also solutions with special posters made for the exact purpose of improving the appeal of garage doors.

Check the balance of your door

Our Westwind Houston team of garage door experts suggests testing the balance of your garage door to make sure it operates properly. To do this, close the door and then pull the emergency release cord. Then lift the door halfway up, then let go. If the door doesn’t move, it is properly balanced. If it does slide up and down, then adjust or replace the torsion spring before trying it again.

Protect your home from hurricanes

Hurricane prone regions need strong, thick garage doors and the experts of our garage door company in Westwind Houston usually recommend steel doors (preferably stainless steel). Make sure to get garage doors, which can be secured with vertical and horizontal braces for the times the storm is coming. They will keep the door and house more secure.

Keep the remote in a secure place

Losing your garage door remote can be a security threat, especially if someone else gets a hold of it. Our experts recommend keeping your remote in a secure place inside your car or your house. Designate a specific spot where the remote should always be so you could always check if it is there or not.

Good garage door installation is as important as the product

Even if you are able to purchase a top notch garage door brand, if it is not installed properly, you will not be able to maximize its value. Make sure that your door, including its components, is installed professionally by a qualified door system technician.

Conduct the door balance and alignment test

When testing the balance, you must first make sure the door is closed. Afterwards, temporarily remove its opener. Once that is done, try closing and opening the door manually. If it gets stuck halfway, simply lubricate the hinges, rollers, and tracks. Lastly, open the door halfway and let it go. You can tell if it is balanced if it manages to remain in place with only the springs supporting its weight.

Garage Door Repair Westwind Houston
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