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Understanding Garage Door Cables and Tracks

11/26/2013 Back To Blog

Cables and tracks are essential parts of each garage door system since they enable the right operation of the door and guarantee its full opening and closing. They are both mechanical garage door parts and they are interrelated with other parts of the mechanism for the good movement of the door. Thus, it is apprehended that their good condition is crucial not only for the stability and efficient operation of the system but also for the security of the house.

Garage door tracks

It is important to understand that tracks would enable the good movement of the garage door rollers and ensure that the door will open all the way. Any distortions will obstruct rollers to slide properly and the door will not open properly and perhaps it will be unsafe. For this reason, drivers are recommended to wait till the door is fully open before they go through and damaged garage door tracks must be fixed immediately.

These days, tracks are galvanized, so that they won't rust. They come out in different lengths ranging from 6.4 to 14.4 inches, their thickness ranges up to 0.075 inches and their width can be extended up to 3 inches. It would actually depend on the weight of the door. The right selection would also depend on the size of the garage and the height of the ceiling. For this reason, there are different ways with which they are installed. The standard style would require horizontal installation, continuing with a curved section before it will carry on with a vertical track on the ceiling. Heavy industrial and commercial garage doors would require a supplementary vertical track for the assembly of the springs. If the ceiling is relatively high, the installation will follow the standard pattern but the track will be longer in its vertical section depending on the height of the ceiling.

Garage door cables

Cables come with open or close loops and their length would depend on the type of the system and style of lifting because the cable drum would be placed in a different position. Cables will be positioned at the bottom of the door on one end and at the drum on the other end and that's why a garage door cable off drum would create significant problems to the right operation of the door. They must not be loose or too tight, so that it can work properly since it will work closely with springs to lift the door. If the cables get loose, the speed with which the door is moving would change slowing down and perhaps it won't close all the way on the floor. The cable drums will work with springs in order to balance the door. When the door is opening the cable will wrap around the drum coming nearer the shaft. There are different diameters and capacities for different shafts.

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